TTGamer - BioShock for PC

Best FPS eva!

| Aug 31, 2007 at 5:15 pm CDT
Nathan over at TTGamer takes a look at arguably the biggest single-player FPS blockbuster gaming title ever to grace the PC gaming scene, BioShock. That's a pretty bold claim right there, however judging by Nathan's experience with it, seems it fits the bill pretty damn well!

If you're an avid FPS fan and you haven't given the System Shock successor a whirl yet, I suggest you try out the demo immediately, I'd be surprised if you arn't running down to your local games store for a copy soon after.

If you were to ask 100 avid FPS gamers to list their favorite shooters from the past decade or so, there is one series of FPS that probably won't feature as much as it should - System Shock. Despite being an excellent RPG/FPS hybrid, unfortunately System Shock just never truly found its potential marketing wise, coming up short against the heavy weights such as Doom, Quake and Half Life across the life span of its two releases. After being acquired by Take-Two Interactive in early 2006, Irrational Games, developers of the excellent System Shock 2, set about taking the FPS/RPG genre by storm once and for all with a title known as BioShock, which is claimed as the "spiritual successor" to the System Shock series. Despite this hefty benchmark and the hype that surrounded this title pre-release, it is safe to say Irrational Games, or 2K Boston/Australia are they are now known, have finally found their place in the sun with BioShock.

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