Toshiba takes SDHC cards to new heights

Massive 32GB capacity.

| Aug 23, 2007 at 11:54 pm CDT
Toshiba have broken the barrier for SDHC cards today, announcing a massive 32GB model along with a 16GB variant and also an 8GB microSDHC card.

The SD-M32G 32GB card is set for launch sometime in January next year, and with a VERY hefty price tag (around $700!). The 16GB model (SD-M16G) will be shipped in October and will sell for around half the price. The 8GB microSDHC card will also begin shipping in January.

All cards are said to have the same 6MB/sec maximum write speeds and meet class 4 specifications.

The Dailytech have more details on them here.

Any DSLR camera owner can tell you that when it comes to shooting 10-to-12 megapixels or larger RAW format images, you need a giant memory card. Most of us might think the 8GB SDHC cards are still pretty big, but not Toshiba.

Toshiba (requires registration) announced they will have humongous 32GB and 16GB SDHC memory cards in the market soon. The Toshiba 32GB SDHC card, model SD-M32G, is set to be available in January 2008 and will be a class 4 speed card.

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