GeIL show off unique heatspreaders

on soon to be DDR3 modules.

| Aug 21, 2007 at 3:06 pm CDT
GeIL are allowing us a glimpse of some snazzy new heatspreaders which will be included with their upcoming high-end DDR3 memory modules.

TechConnect report that the heatspreaders were developed by a Taiwanese company by the name of Comptake, they are made out of aluminium with a copper heatpipe section which extends to the top central area.

Interesting design, you have to wonder how effective stuff like this actually ends up being though.. time will tell eh.

Golden Emperor International aka GeIL has begun to stealthy showcase its upcoming RAM modules that feature a new cooling solution. Seemingly developed by Taiwan-based CompTake, the new heatspreader is made out of aluminum and copper, the latter being used for a heat pipe placed just on top of the modules and on the central fins.

The new cooling system is set to be introduced together with GeIL's upcoming high-end DDR3 modules.

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