Intel Bridge technology + Windows 11 bringing Android apps to Windows

Intel Bridge technology drives Android apps on Microsoft's next-gen Windows 11 OS, but Intel will work with AMD for Ryzen support.

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Windows 11 was revealed and detailed today, with one of the biggest surprises is that Microsoft's next-generation operating system will run Android apps.

Intel Bridge technology + Windows 11 bringing Android apps to Windows 11

During the Windows 11 reveal, Microsoft and Intel announced that Intel Core-powered Windows PCs would be capable of running Android apps, as well as multi-monitor support through Intel Thunderbolt 4 technology. Intel Core-based PCs with Thunderbolt 4 will have out-of-the-box support for multi-monitors and Windows 11's new Windows Snap technology.

But what about AMD? Will the AMD Ryzen CPUs be capable of running Android apps on Windows 11? That remains to be seen, as Microsoft and Intel weren't clear on that during the announcement. Intel Core CPU + Windows 11 = runs Android apps... but Intel did say Intel Bridge technology was designed to work on "all x86 platforms".

This means Intel Bridge technology will make its way onto AMD Ryzen CPUs for Windows 11, but Intel Core CPUs will have an "optimized experience" that makes "Windows platforms running on Intel Core processors the best choice" explains Intel.

Intel Bridge technology + Windows 11 bringing Android apps to Windows 07

Gregory Bryant, Intel executive vice president and general manager, Client Computing Group explained: "The combination of Windows 11 and Intel technologies and platforms offers unmatched performance, compatibility and experiences on Windows, and we are bringing people's favorite experiences from the phone to the PC with Intel Bridge Technology".

Intel told TH in a statement: "Intel believes it is important to provide this capability across all x86 platforms and has designed Intel Bridge technology to support all x86 platforms (including AMD platforms). However, Intel delivers platforms that result in an optimized experience making Windows platforms running on Intel Core processors the best choice".


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