Facebook removed the ability to cast your Quest directly to Facebook

Facebook bizarrely removed the ability to cast the Oculus Quest directly to its social media platform, opting to now require a PC.

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In a bizarre move, Facebook has removed the ability for Oculus Quest users to cast their gameplay experience directly to-checks notes-Facebook from the headset. You now require a computer to stream your Quest.

Facebook removed the ability to cast your Quest directly to Facebook 01

Facebook started rolling out the v30 update for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 users last week. The new update brings a handful of new features, including multitasking in Infinite Office and tools for people who have trouble seeing specific colours. But, strangely, the update also removed the button to cast your gameplay directly to your Facebook feed.

A Facebook representative provided a statement to UploadVR that confirms the change but doesn't adequately explain the reason. Facebook said that its users prefer to use local casting tools, so it is increasing its focus on local casting tools.

We heard from the community that casting to friends & family who are in the same place was the most important form of sharing their VR experience, and was more commonly used than livestreaming to a broader/ public audience. That's why we're doubling down on improving our casting tools that help people share in new ways. For instance, we recently rolled out the Live Overlay feature that lets people superimpose themselves over a view of what they're seeing in VR while casting.

Facebook's explanation doesn't really explain why it would remove a feature that already existed, though. Instead, the company pointed out that you can still use the Cast-to-Web feature, which allows you to mirror your Quest screen to your computer and broadcast through streaming software such as OBS. That may work for people who own a computer, but it leaves Quest users who only have a smartphone up a creek without a paddle.

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