BIOSTAR's 8600GTS in the spotlight

World record performer.

| Aug 17, 2007 at 7:52 pm CDT
BIOSTAR were quick to notice that a talented overclocker has taken one of their "V-RANGER" series GeForce 8600GTS graphics cards and whacked a waterblock onto it to produce some pretty amazing clockspeeds, what they felt worthy for a press release in fact.

The french overclocker was able to bring the core right up to a whopping 1023MHz with 2320 MHz memory clockspeeds, this giving him a 3DMark06 result of 8100 points with a Core2Quad @ 4480 MHz. Needless to say this is a world record result for the 8600GTS.

You can find BIOSTAR's press release here, and the original article here.

BIOSTAR Microtech Int'l Corp. announces that a well-known overclocker CornerJack broke the 3Dmark 06 world record for GeForce 8600GTS using Biostar Sigma-Gate VR8603TS21 with V-RANGER. CornerJack, who is based in France, was able to overclock to respectable core 1023MHz and 2320 MHz memory clocks. V-RANGER is the world top 1 solution for VGA cards. The hardware and software tool makes it possible to real-time modify voltage of memory and GPU. V-RANGER utility is available on a wide range of Sigma-Gate cards including VR8603TS21, VR8602GT21, VR8502GT21, V7602GS21 and V7303GT.

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