Intel Prepares X38 Express Launch

September 23.

| Aug 16, 2007 at 8:05 pm CDT
As the day draws closer to the exciting launch of X38 (Intel's next flagship desktop chipset for enthusiasts), the Dailytech give us a nice little update about it and what Intel's plans are leading up to the big kickoff day of September 23.

Unfortunately NVIDIA's SLI technology isn't being thrown around with X38, and it appears at this stage that it may stay exclusive to NVIDIA's own i600 series of chipsets; Though there's always CrossFire if you're keen on doubling up your GPU powah.

Intel officially set its performance embargo on its upcoming X38 Express chipset for September 23. Motherboards based on the X38 Express chipset should show up in retail in early September, according to motherboard vendors. The September 23 non-disclosure lift date only applies to reviews and performance numbers for the X38 Express chipset. The situation will be similar to the P35 Express chipset launch, where motherboards were available before its Computex 2007 launch announcement and NDA lift date.

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