Swiftech Intro "H20-120 Compact" WC Kit

The pump is ON the block!

| Aug 7, 2007 at 8:44 pm CDT
Swiftech have just made two seperate announcements in relation to their newly released "H20-120 Compact" watercooling kit. The first announcement talks about the kit itself whilst another announcement focusus on their new Apogee series Drive 350 (included in the kit). This is a self-powered CPU waterblock suited to both Intel and AMD processors, the first time I think we've ever seen an integrated pump on a waterblock in fact. Interesting concept.

In these initial stages, the Apogee series Drive 350 waterblock is only being sold as a part of the H20-120 Compact, though I dont doubt it (or something like it) will become available seperately in the not too distant future.

Lakewood, CA - Monday August 7th, 2007, 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time - Rouchon Industries, Inc. dba Swiftech® today announced the release of the revolutionary H20-120 Compact liquid cooling kit. The kit is composed of only two elements, each representing major innovations in the liquid cooling industry: a patent pending self-powered CPU waterblock, the recently released Apogee™ Drive 350, which combines pump and water-block into a single unit, and a new 120mm radiator featuring an integrated reservoir.

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