AMD Unveil New FireGL Family

Based On HD 2000 Series.

| Aug 7, 2007 at 9:06 am CDT
With the mainstream HD 2000 Series graphics cards having been out for a good while now, AMD have just kicked off a new breed of ATI FireGL graphics cards based on the same architecture (using R600 and RV630 cores), these catering to the workstation market.

Included is a top to bottom lineup of cards ranging from the entry-level V3600 model with 256MB memory (priced at $299) to the top of the line V8650 with a whoppin' 2GB of memory ($2799, ouch!), all of which you can learn more about within the press release.

Further to that, 3Dprofessor have already managed to dish up a review of the new FireGL V3600 offering.

SIGGRAPH, San Diego, Calif. -- August 6, 2007 --At SIGGRAPH 2007 today, AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced five new high-performance ATI FireGL™ workstation graphics accelerators for CAD, DCC and medical imaging professionals. The ATI FireGL V8650, FireGL V8600, FireGL V7600, FireGL V5600, and FireGL V3600 graphics boards are based on the next-generation ATI graphics processing unit (GPU) with an innovative unified shader architecture featuring up to 320 individual stream processing units. These new boards deliver acceleration of DirectX® 10- and OpenGL 2.1-based professional applications resulting in increased performance of more than 300% as compared to the previous generation of product.

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