HD2900XT back to #1 in 3DMark05

Kinc does it again.

| Aug 6, 2007 at 6:23 pm CDT
The mighty Radeon HD2900XT has made its way back into number one spot on the 3DMark05 Orb, after world reknowned overclocker Kinc set the pace once again using a couple of 'em in Crossfire with a Core 2 Extreme CPU running at a staggering 5342MHz (445x12). The new record now sits just shy of the big 35K mark, at 34,634 points.

Nordic Hardware have all the details here.

Assembly in Helsinki, Finland is one of the world biggest LAN parties and just like during DreamHack in Sweden, Kinc was there to display his overclocking skills together with ASUS. In lack of a good quad-core processor he focused on 3DMark 05 instead, this is also where Radeon HD 2900 XT really shines. it wasn't long ago that our graphics card editor and overclocking ace managed to break 34,000 and while we're still a few points short of 35,000 we're certainly closing in fast. The new 3DMark 05 record is 34,634 points.

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