Sci-fi meets the old west in Population: One Season 2

The second season of Population: One just kicked off and it's got a old west theme. It's time to dual wield shotguns in a saloon.

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One of VR's most popular shooters just got better. Population: One Season 2 launched on Thursday, with a new Western-themed map, more weapons to blast your enemies with, and even bigger multiplayer matches for even more fun.

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BigBig VR launched Population: One in October 2020, the game became one of the most popular titles around. In February, the developer launched Season 1: Uprising, the first update to the game, which introduced five new weapons and launched Battle Pass, a 10-week paid pass that gets you exclusive content and skins.

Season 1 has since concluded, and on Thursday, BigBox VR kicked off Season 2: The Frontier, another 10-week period with an optional paid subscription with extra content. Season 2: The Frontier introduces a new map based in a western town. In the spirit of the western theme, Season 2 also adds the ability to dual-wield the Matador shotguns. BigBox VR added flick reloading so you can add shells without dropping a weapon.

In addition to the new town and the dual-wield option, Season 2 introduces the harmonica, a shield-charging buff to help keep your teammates alive. The Shield Shaker is a unique item for recharging your shield.

Season 2 also introduces new barrel types scattered around the environment. Red barrels are rigged with TNT to give you new ways to deal damage to your enemies. Brown barrels are lootable and contain weapons and other items.

Population: One Season 2 isn't just a minor content update. The developer put effort into improving the multiplayer experience. The new update increases the player count from 18 to 24 players on a server. Season 2 also introduces Private Rooms with different game modes and custom weapon rosters. Private rooms also support adjusting parameters like zone speed to create unique combat experiences.

Sci-fi meets the old west in Population: One Season 2 02

"POPULATION: ONE has evolved tremendously not only in terms of content, but also in our community growth. We couldn't be more excited to reach a new milestone and launch 24-player matches in Season 2!" said Chia Chin Lee, BigBox VR's CEO and co-founder.

Population: One Season 2 is live now. The optional Battle Pass gives you access to new characters and legendary weapon skins and is available for $4.99. The game is available on Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and SteamVR headsets.

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