AC Ryan thinks up the nifty "MobiliT"

Boost for portable devices.

| Jul 31, 2007 at 7:49 pm CDT
AC Ryan have thought up a neat little device which allows you to keep the battery life of your portable USB-powered devices topped up when you're away on a long trip, this without the need for an actual PC to re-charge the device.

Dubbed the "MobiliT" universal USB Power external battery, it is essentially a secondary battery backup unit which can be used to add an additional 8 to 20 hours of usage to your device. It's a simple hassle-free plug in and use unit with no downtime or bay swapping.

Very handy if you take your digital cameras / PDAs / MP3 players away for long stints at a time.

For full details check out the product page on AC Ryan's website.

Here's our pocket-size incarnation of MobiliT Power Everywhere Anywhere - the MobiliT Universal USB External Battery - to power all your digital USB-powered devices. Mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, iPODs, GPS, PDAs and more - as long as it can be charged via USB, MobiliT will take care of it!

"I was pretty thrilled with my new 2GB memory card for the digital camera - ready for 1000s of photos during our hike. Little did I know, the camera's battery life does not lasts as long and died out after hitting about a 100. Instead of 1000 breathtaking shots of our hike, I've got a 100 shots of us starting out on a hike. I need more battery life." - Alex, Product Manager at AC Ryan.

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