Philips thinks we're rich?!

Embrace Swarovski's crystals.

| Jul 30, 2007 at 6:56 pm CDT
We've seen some pretty outrageously expensive versions of everyday common products in recent times (ipods made out of 24 karat gold etc.) and Philips have just recently added to the list with a new range of (no doubt ultra expensive) high-end USB memory flash drives and earphones.

What's so special about 'em? Well having joined forces with "Swarovski" (a company reknowned for creating fashion crystal jewellery and handbag collections for women), these little offerings from Philips have outer casings which are made up mostly of Swarovski crystals.

One really has to wonder why such companies actually think stuff like this is going to sell at the inevitably exorbitant price tag they'll stamp 'em with.

Techpowerup have the scoop.

Philips and Swarovski joined up forces to manufacture the new Active Crystals. These high-end USB memory keys and earphones are designed with Swarovski crystals. This alliance combines Philips technology with Swarovski's expertise in creating fashion crystal jewellery and handbags collections to produce meaningful fashionable accessories for women.

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