TTGamer - King of Clubs for PC

Fooour! Well, not quite.

| Jul 30, 2007 at 6:57 pm CDT
Nathan over at TTGamer has managed to get his hands on an early preview version of "King of Clubs", a mini golf game with modes and features galore.

If you're a fan of light hearted fun and addictive gaming this is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

Golf is a great sport, but the often far more casual and fun putting based variant known as minigolf is considered by many to be even greater. Whether you take it seriously, or just want something fun to do on a Sunday afternoon, it's hard to beat a round of minigolf. Of course, something being fun in the real world means it can surely translate into something fun in the gaming world as well, which is exactly what Oxygen Games are aiming for with their minigolf title King of Clubs. With release still a few months away, we had a chance to check out an early preview build for the PC and, in its current state, it definitely seems King of Clubs captures the fun and randomness of the real thing, while still maintaining a unique feel of its own.

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