The new Oculus avatar system offers a quintillion configurations

The new Oculus avatar system gives you more than a quintillion customization options to make your virtual self as unique as you.

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If you've been lamenting the Oculus avatar system and its lack of diversity, fret no more. The new Oculus avatar system has practically unlimited options to make your virtual avatar look just the way you want.

The new Oculus avatar system offers a quintillion configurations 01

Facebook Reality Labs just revealed a completely overhauled avatar system for the Oculus platform. The new avatar creation tool lets you get into the details when building your virtual likeness. Now you can adjust facial features individually, including eyes, nose, mouse, and you can even add wrinkles if you want to show your age.

The new Oculus avatar system also allows you to customize your hairstyle and hair colour, adjust your body type and size, and now you can dress yourself up in whatever clothes fit your personal style.

The new Oculus avatar system offers a quintillion configurations 02

Facebook Reality Labs said that the new Oculus avatars would eventually represent you across the whole Oculus ecosystem. The company plans to add Oculus avatar support to its own VR experiences, including the upcoming Facebook Horizon. Three games have integrated the new avatars at launch, including Epic Roller Coasters, PokerStars VR, and Topgolf with Pro Putt. Soon, all developers will have the option to integrate the new avatars into their games. Synth Riders and ForVR Bowling will also soon support the new avatars.

The new Oculus avatars look much better than the old avatars, but it's not just the customization details that make them look better. Facebook Reality Labs developed motion prediction technology through machine learning which enables smoother, more natural character animations. The model predicts shoulder and elbow positions to make virtual arms move more like real people.


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