OCZ Announces AM2 Optimized 4x2GB Kits

8GB worth, overkill?!

| Jul 25, 2007 at 7:21 pm CDT
OCZ are catering to AMD owners looking to invest in an absolute crapload of memory, announcing a short time ago their AM2 Optimized "Quad Memory Kit", optimized for AMD's advanced memory controller.

Being a quad memory kit, it comprises 4x2GB modules which are designed for PC2-5400 speeds, each module covered by OCZ's titanium-mirrored XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) heatspreader.

For more information check out the press material on OCZ's website folks.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-July 23, 2007-OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today expanded their memory lineup for AMD enthusiasts and power users with new high-density 8GB "Quad Kits." The new PC2-5400 Titanium 8GB (4x2GB) Quad Kits were designed exclusively for the AMD AM2 platform and are custom-tailored to the extended column address range of the AM2 memory controller. With a doubled page size, access penalties are reduced to ultimately improve system performance.

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