PEAK Design A Three-In-One Flashcard

MicroSD, Full SD, USB Flash.

| Jul 23, 2007 at 6:30 pm CDT
With so many options flooding the market in the way of flash memory devices these days, the real challenge is in being able to take the next leap and offer something unique yet useful. It would appear flash memory maker "PEAK" have done just that with their new "microSD™ Trio Card" offered in both 1 and 2GB capacities.

This is essentially a three-in-one flash card design, which as demonstrated in the picture below combines a detachable MicroSD memory card with a standard SD-sized adapter, which is then able to be turned into a a USB connector by sliding off the end piece.

Quite a clever little invention which looks to be pretty well priced for what it is, with the 1GB offering shifting at just $18 and the 2GB for $30. You can check out the official product page here for further info folks.

PEAK microSD Trio card is a microSD card plus USB+SD Duo adapter. PEAK microSD card can be used directly in a microSD card slot, or equipped with the USB+SD Duo adapter, it is compatible with a SD memory card slot as well as a USB port.

Such a multi-function design of PEAK microSD Trio Card eliminates the need of card readers and other accessories, which may be required when transferring data from one medium to another; and extend the usage of microSD to SD card as well.

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