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Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has been reversed engineered, here's why

Researchers from Stanford University have reversed engineered Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, and these are the benefits of it.

Published Thu, Apr 8 2021 3:04 AM CDT

Researchers have taken some remaining droplets of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine and have reversed engineer it to determine its mRNA sequence.

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has been reversed engineered, here's why 117 |

Researchers from Stanford University have taken some remaining droplets from a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine vial and have determined the sequence of the mRNA for the SARS-CoV-2's spike protein that is present in immunization. The researchers have posted the sequence on the open-access website called GitHub.

In the researchers' post, it was written, "Sharing of sequence information for broadly used therapeutics has substantial benefit in design of improved clinical tools and precise diagnostics." Basically, knowing the vaccine's sequence allows researchers to differentiate between RNA from the vaccine and the RNA from the viral infection.

Here's what the authors wrote, "As the vaccine has been rolling out, these sequences have begun to show up in many different investigational and diagnostic studies. Knowing these sequences and having the ability to differentiate them from other RNAs in analyzing future biomedical data sets is of great utility."

If you are interested in reading more about this story, check out this link here.


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