Cyberpunk 2077's new update adds ray tracing for AMD Radeon GPUs

CD PROJEKT RED's upcoming Patch 1.2 for Cyberpunk 2077 fixes a ridiculously long list of things, but adds ray tracing for Radeon.

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CD PROJEKT RED is pushing out a rather gigantic patch for Cyberpunk 2077, with the new Patch 1.2 bringing ray tracing support for AMD Radeon GPUs.

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In the patch notes for the new Cyberpunk 2077 update, CD PROJEKT RED explains that the first PC-specific thing in the new update is "Enabled Ray Tracing on AMD graphics cards. Latest GPU drivers are required". So we should expect some new AMD Radeon drivers in the near future that will enable ray tracing for specific RDNA-powered GPUs.

I did notice the missing HUD elements when running Cyberpunk 2077 in native 8K resolution at 7680 x 4320, with the new Patch 1.2 fixing that. There's also an issue fixed with perks in certain areas of the submenus weren't displaying descriptions on both 4K and 5K UltraWide resolutions.

Here's the full list of the PC-specific changes to Cyberpunk 2077 in the new Patch 1.2:

  • Enabled Ray Tracing on AMD graphics cards. Latest GPU drivers are required.
  • Keyboard bindings: more keys are now available for rebinding.
  • Keyboard bindings: It is now possible to bind opening and closing specific panels to the same key.
  • Keyboard bindings: It's now possible to unbind dodge from the movement keys (in Settings -> Controls). Dodging can still be performed by double-tapping the crouch (toggle) action key (default C).
  • It is now possible to enter Journal from the Map panel using a keyboard.
  • Achievements will now work on Epic Games Store.
  • Modding: Added a new "mod" folder for loading modded archives. The modded archives can be named in any way and go into the "mod" folder now. Having mod archives in the "patch" folder is no longer supported.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented grenades from being charged after closing a dialogue window using ESC.
  • Fixed the issue where some environment elements would not be displayed correctly on 8K screens.
  • Fixed an issue where HUD elements would be missing in 8K resolution.
  • Fixed an issue where perks from a certain area of the submenus were not displaying descriptions on 4K and 5K Ultra Wide resolutions.

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