TTGamer - Transformers Game - XBOX 360

More than meet the eye?!

| Jul 16, 2007 at 5:31 am CDT

Nathan of TTGamer has just finished spending some time with the new "Transformers" game on the XBOX360 and shares his thoughts with us.

As an obsessed fan of the Transformers cartoon series during my childhood era, I went and saw the blockbuster movie recently, and it brought back vivid memories in the best way possible. Unfortunately it would seem where the movie really excels, the game fails to deliver.

Being a little kid in the 80's and early 90's was great. No, actually, it was better than great - it was ideal. We were too young at the time to have embarrassing photos taken of us wearing a green and purple rhombus pattern shoulder padded jacket with a blonde spikey mullet hairdo that would surely conveniently resurface at some family gathering down the track, but not so young that we couldn't enjoy the best thing about the 80's - the cartoons and related action figures and, if you're like me, your favourite choice for both of those was Transformers (and not My Little Pony, honest).

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