TTGamer - Colin McRae: DiRT 360

Great alternative to Forza 2.

| Jul 11, 2007 at 4:31 pm CDT

Simon of TTGamer has just shared his thoughts with everyone about the latest installment of the Colin McRae series from Codemasters, DiRT for the XBOX 360.

If you love feature-packed rally car games with awesome eye-candy, chances are you'll really get into this one.

Check out the review here.

Codemasters have really excelled at one thing over the past decade, and that one thing is rally games. They have tried their hand at other types of titles, but rallying is really where it is for them and when DiRT was announced for next generation consoles, it was an almost certainty that the first excellent next generation rally game was coming and, while DiRT certainly has its problems, it still remains a robust, high speed thrilling ride through the rally world championship and other racing disciplines.

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