TTGamer - Tenchu Z Xbox 360

bit of a letdown....

| Jul 10, 2007 at 7:58 pm CDT

TTGamer have just finished checking out the latest addition to the once popular "Tenchu" ninja-themed gaming series, Tenchu Z for the XBOX 360.

Loyal fans of the series would know that recent installments have been somewhat of a letdown, and it was hoped that this latest title for the 360 would help bring some spark back into it. Unfortunately it would appear this hasn't quite happened.

It isn't all bad though, have a read of the review to decide if its shortcomings arn't enough to keep you away.

In its own right, Tenchu is actually quite a popular gaming series that has seen its day in the sun - 'has' being the key word. As time went on, it seemed this once awesomely unique Ninja action series lost its edge, as it got thrown around various publishers and developers each failing to live up to the promising potential showcased in the original. These days, Japanese based developer K2 and publishers From Software handle all that is Tenchu, and while it is nice to see an updated version on the 360 in Tenchu Z, unfortunately this is not the turn around game the series so desperately needed.

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