TTGamer - Lost Planet: EC For PC

Console Port Gone Wrong.

| Jul 4, 2007 at 10:12 pm CDT

Originally developed for the XBOX 360, Nathan over at TTGamer checks out the console port of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition on the PC to see if it has any shortcomings in comparison. Unfortunately, quite a few! Though the title was never anything too overly flash on the 360 either, it would've mostly just attracted die hard fans of the typical third person action genre.

You can get to the full PC review here.

Debuting on the Xbox 360 earlier this year, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition didn't exactly set the next gen console scene on fire, but it proved to be an enjoyable take on the third person action genre, featuring a lot of action in an interesting setting. Not too long after the 360 release, Capcom along with Nvidia announced a PC version was in the works, which has just seen release in the past week or so. Touting some PC specific enhancements such as expanded multiplayer and higher visual quality, Lost Planet PC says the right things on paper, but it ultimately can't shed the dreaded "console port" tag.

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