Cooler Master Announce Whispering COSMOS

Performance Meets Silence.

| Jul 2, 2007 at 6:15 pm CDT
There's one main reason as to why Cooler Master's range of cases rarely fail to deliver. The company often likes to conduct marketing surveys and interviews with hardware reviewing websites, this in order to get constructive feedback from all of us as to what WE want to see in their products before they pick up the hammer and chisel. It's logical, and it evidently works! CM's Stacker series are a testament to that.

This is why i'm also confident their newly announced "COSMOS" chassis lineup will sell like hotcakes as well, not to mention it enters an area of the market thats not exactly booming with options, namely ultra-quiet cases which rely on low-density soundproofing materials to keep things whisper quiet outside.

There's several other unique features that compliment the case as well. The seperate exclusively matched carrying box used to hold your tools and spare screws etc. is a nice addition, it can be kept in a dedicated spot inside the main chassis. Though I guess this is somewhat contradicting given the chassis is made up of an almost entirely tool-free design.

For the full scoop on it, grab the official PR here.

In order to solve noise issues in high-end systems, the COSMOS design team made use of the principles of hi-fi equipment design. We transformed the audio equipment stand into a progressive aluminum tube stand, thus eliminating resonance by providing three-to-five times the bending strength. The solid front panel and low-density soundproof materials inside the casing and junction wraps system noise inside. Even if the system runs under a full load, quiet operation is maintained.

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