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Intel X38 goes SLI

Nvidia don't want you to know.

Published Wed, Jun 27 2007 6:03 AM CDT   |   Updated Mon, Oct 19 2020 8:08 PM CDT
According to a post on the Inquirer by Charlie, the Intel X38 chipset is going to get official SLI support. This is hardly going to amaze pepople, as it was expected that Intel would get an SLI licence sooner or later with AMD buying ATI. However, the X38 chipset should retain its CrossFire compatiblity as well, making it a versitile platform for any serious gamer.

Intel might be onto a winner here, by having the first chipset to support both SLI and CrossFire. Foxconn actually let slip that their X38 board was going to work with SLI at Computex earlier this month, altohugh this was via a propriatary Foxconn driver.

Anyhow, let's hand over to Charlie for one of his typically sublime comments.

To say we don't hold NV in high regard is far from understating the case. The firm is seen by most journalists as slightly lower on the 'happy things' scale then finding infected leeches on your genitals after a swim in the sewer. We didn't think it could be possible, but their standing dropped even further when we found out that Intel's upcoming X38 chipset will do SLI.

You can read the full story here
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