Ruby DX10 Demo Released

Hotter than ever!

| Jun 12, 2007 at 8:46 pm CDT

A while back a little birdy posted up a video of Ruby in next-gen DX10 style on YouTube. This was well before the DX10 based HD 2900 XT actually came to market.

But now that the card is out and Ruby's final makeup has been applied, the real mccoy is here for you lucky owners of HD 2900 XT graphics cards. Ruby: Whiteout of course requires you're running Windows Vista, a reasonably high-end processor and minimum 1GB system memory.

The download weighs in at 270MB, with low-res and high-res (720p) running videos also available for the many of you not geared up with the right hardware for the task.

Ruby's latest adventure takes place in a rugged, mountainous terrain where her skills as a snowboarder are tested and may just save her life. This fast paced, action packed demo exploits the power of the ATI Radeon HD 2900XT to create a rich and expansive landscape of snow, rock, and ice. From the procedural snow accumulation on the harsh terrain to the wrinkles on Ruby's brow and the physics that drive each strand of fur on Ruby's fur collar, the ATI Radeon HD 2900XT can handle it all.

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