Coolink Releases "Silentator" Cooler

The brains behind Noctua.

| Jun 11, 2007 at 7:50 pm CDT

It's becoming harder and harder for cooling mobs to find a way to be unique with their latest CPU heatsinks given how many varying models flood the market these days, but a company by the name of "Coolink" seem to think their new "Silentator" CPU cooler for both Intel and AMD processors has its own place.

Though Coolink might seem like a new and not yet trusted maker of quality cooling products, these guys actually manufacture heatsinks for Noctua.

The Silentator, as indicated by it's name is focused on silence with it's all-copper base, 3 dual heatpipes and 37 aluminium fins. It runs a 120mm fan with adjustable speeds of 900RPM (14dB) to 1600RPM (24dB).

Pricing is said to be at a suggested retail of around $50US. You can get further information about it within Coolink's official PR here.

Vienna / Taipei, June 11th 2006 - Coolink today presented a new high-performance cooler for Intel and AMD processors called "Silentator". The Silentator employs 3 high-performance heat-pipes, 37 aluminium cooling fins with a surface area of more than 3500cm² as well as a SWiF-1202 quality fan, providing top-class cooling performance at a minimum noise emission of only 14dB(A).

"While developing the Silentator, we could build on the basis of Noctua's award-winning Ultra-Low-Noise coolers, which are manufactured in our factories", explains Timothy Chu, Coolink CEO. "We've revised the layout of the cooling fins and optimised it towards maximum performance and lower weight. Linking top-notch performance, quality and efficiency, the Silentator is a true Coolink product!"

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