TTGamer - Test Drive Unlimited PC Review

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| May 23, 2007 at 6:27 pm CDT

With great success to come from TDU on the XBOX 360, many racing fans of the PC gaming world were dying to see a PC version finally come out; though it took a number of months before it did, Nathan over at TTGamer reports that perhaps it would've been worth them spending a little more time to iron out some little nigglys before rushing it out to please the masses.

Not to say it doesnt appear to bring much more of the same brilliance that is experienced in the XBOX360 version, but a few (very annoying) bugs spoil it somewhat.

If you're considering picking up a copy you might want to read his review first, might be worth while waiting to see if a decent patch comes out that resolves much of the problems he's described.

When you look at the progression of racing games over the past few years, particularly those in the more accessible 'arcade racer' genre, quite a lot has improved - we've seen better graphics of course, some online enhancements here and there, and a very strong movement towards making the gameplay open to user choice and customization in an almost 'sandbox' style. Despite the reasonable degree of competition out there, only one racer in recent memory really managed to capture all three of these focus points very well, and this was Test Drive Unlimited for the Xbox 360. Now finally seeing its release on the PC, TDU once again impresses, although not without a few hiccups along the way.

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