TTGamer - The Godfather: Don's Edition PS3 Review

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| May 21, 2007 at 7:02 am CDT

EA took a big risk in deciding to create a game based around one of the world's biggest series of movies ever, if they were to stuff it up there would've been all hell to pay. But after having released it on pretty much every platform around (bar the PS3) it soon became obvious they'd done their homework and produced a very nicely matched atmosphere with awesome gameplay to boot.

Although late, the PS3 finally gets its turn and boy oh boy does it look the goods. Simon over at TTGamer checks it out in detail for us and quickly discovers that the PS3 version has some more bells and whistles added that none of the other platforms had.

For those who haven't seen the films, The Godfather revolves around Marlon Brando's Don character, head of the Corloeone family, which is one of many mafia families in 1930s New York city. The family has risen to the top and is the number one and most revered mafia family throughout the city, but there are a number of other rivals trying to take over and remove them for good.

EA has changed a few things about the story. First of all, you are you. You name the character, build them in terms of how they look and play through with your creation. The character you play is trying to avenge their father's death which occurs during the prelude to the game. Other than that, those who are familiar with the movies will see some of the most famous scenes play out and the most famous characters appear throughout.

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