EVGA Bans Sales of "Offensive" XFX Graphics Cards in Germany

EVGA Bans Sales of "Offensive" XFX Graphics Cards in Germany news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| May 16, 2007 at 6:33 pm CDT

Teeheehee, I had a feeling we'd see this happening before too long. After having been brought to everyone's attention across the internet recently that XFX's 8600GT retail boxes discreetly had EVGA's logo printed into some dog's drool, EVGA didnt exactly see the funny side to it and decided to slam their fist down on the table and take 'em to court.

The end result is that XFX have been ordered to stop shifting graphics cards in this packaging, otherwise they'll be up for very hefty fines and / or short prison terms for executives.

XBit has the full scoop.

EVGA, a supplier of graphics cards and mainboards, on Tuesday said that Germany trade regulators ordered its rival XFX, a division of Pine Technology, to stop selling graphics cards that potentially insult EVGA as a company. If XFX does not comply to demands, it may be fined for ?250 thousand.

Back in April XFX started to sell Nvidia GeForce 8600-series graphics cards inside packages that display an enraged dog with saliva containing EVGA logotype dripping outside the jaws. Even though the logotype could not be seen without special tools, several web-sites has discovered it and posted appropriate images on the Internet.

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