micronDR breaks ultimate barrier for disk-based recoveries

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| May 14, 2007 at 6:10 pm CDT

Aside from such advancements as perpendicular recording, native command queuing etc. - the basic inner workings of a hard disk drive hasn't drastically changed since day dot; but in the case of a malfunction / catastrophic failure this has allowed hard disk recovery methods to be improved upon with on-going research by specialised companies in the field.

One such company by the name of micronDR have just forwarded on news that they've discovered a new and more successful way to retrive lost data from stuffed drives, supposedly pushing the success rate up to 98 percent.

Called "Tecra Clean", this is a patentable technology which thoroughly rejuvenates a badly scored or marked disk surface without affecting the data on the drive. Interested to learn more about it?

The press release has the full rundown folks.

Using proprietary technology has enabled micronDR (S) Pte Ltd (www.microndr.com.sg), the data recovery specialist, to break the ultimate barrier for disk-based data recoveries and achieve a high success rate of 98 percent.

The success lies in a patentable technology, called Tecra Clean, that mirrors media coating technology. micronDR has deployed semi-robotics surface recovery technology that "rejuvenates" the disk surface, removing any debris or coating that would have been accumulated during subsequent head disk interfaces during the life of the hard drive before the catastrophic failure. Damaged disks are verified to be "flyable" using a laser-based optical scan or HDI tester.

"Our Tecra Clean technology helps crashed disks even more when 'data recovery dudes' declare such projects unrecoverable," said Tony Moeini, Director of Technology, micronDR (S) Pte Ltd.

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