Pimax is taking on extra quality control for 8KX VR headset shipments

Backers of Pimax's 8K X VR headset have been waiting for a long time for their hardware and Pimax isn't taking chances with the QA.

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Pimax is currently working through its backlog of orders for its flagship VR headset, the Pimax 8K X. The company first took orders in late 2017 for this ultra-wide VR headset with dual 4K displays, and after making customers wait years, the company isn't taking any chances with poor quality control.

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Pimax's latest community update explained that it is currently assembling and shipping between 50 and 70 8K X units every day, but those headsets are not going directly to customers. Instead, they are going to the Pimax headquarters in Shanghai for a second inspection before heading out to their final destinations. Pimax is a small company, and it has dealt with production issues in the past. Hopefully, these new precautions will help mitigate any future problems.

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With the new procedure in place, the full process looks like this: After production, all headsets go through a quality inspection a performance test before leaving the factory. From there, they arrive at Pimax headquarters, where a Pimax employee will inspect the device for any problems that may slip through the first quality control check. Technicians will only sign off on hardware that meets Pimax's expectations.

Pimax did not say how many 8K X orders it has in the backlog, but hopefully, this announcement will soothe the anxiety of those who are patiently waiting for their new VR headset.

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