TTGamer - Sam and Max: Bright Side of the Moon PC Review

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| May 6, 2007 at 1:08 am CDT

If you were gaming on PCs as far back as 10+ years ago, it is without doubt you've heard of (or even more likely played through) the original "Sam & Max Hit The Road" adventure game from the best team in the biz, Lucasarts.

These folks really knew their stuff when it came to providing us with quality, highly immersive adventure titles. This is unfortunately a genre we dont really see popping up much these days in the gaming world, though a very talented bunch of peeps (under the developer name of "Telltale Games") have certainly done their bit to try and keep the spark alive, having released 6 individual episodes based on the original Sam & Max hit.

Nathan over at TTGamer spends some time with the latest episode "Bright Side of the Moon" and shares his thoughts with us.

While the adventure game genre for the PC has certainly seen better days, if you consider the quality of some recent releases, one could be excused in thinking it might be making somewhat of a comeback. One of the more recent testaments to this surge in quality has been the Sam & Max series from Telltale Games, which has been seeing release in the form of episodes since late 2006 with a mixed, but mostly positive reception from fans of this genre and the Sam & Max franchise alike. We are now up to episode 6 and the last of the first 'season' - Sam & Max: Bright Side of the Moon.

Bright Side of the Moon, as you'd expect from what effectively would have been the final chapter in a fully fleshed out adventure game if Telltale opted for a traditional full game release, basically wraps up the loose ends in the previous episodes, and as such, you definitely should have at least played the previous release, "Reality 2.0", before firing up Bright Side of the Moon as from the very start it references the events from the previous episode which, without trying to spoil things for those who haven't played it yet, was left unfinished. References from all of the previous 5 episodes make an appearance in one form or another though - mostly as subtle jokes - so ideally you really should have played them all if you plan to get the full experience on offer.

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