Apple and AMDs best interests to MERGE??!?

Apple and AMDs best interests to MERGE??!? news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| May 2, 2007 at 8:44 am CDT

Since Intel gave netburst the flick and moved to bigger and better things (namely the Core2Duo / Quad architecture), AMD have been left trailing in their wake, understandably not moving too much in the way of AM2 processors either. Then they spend almost every penny on picking up ATI to help strengthen their backbone in the longrun, but was that really such a wise move? They had to do something, sure... but given their $500 million Q1 loss this year there certainly isnt much to show for it yet.

And now the question has risen, is their fate becoming obvious? If someone doesnt buy them up could we be seeing another microsoft-like monopoly with regard to Intel and NVIDIA? Lets hope not for all of our sakes.

One of our writers Shane recently whacked up an article as to AMDs current positioning in the market, and what he believes is needed to keep them afloat. A very interesting read to say the least (even for those of you who may not see eye-to-eye).

Following that, there's now another take on the whole AMD saga over at CoolTechZone where they put it to us that the best option for them now would be for Apple to take over the reigns! Crikey, thats a bit out there isnt it.

Let's face it. AMD is having quite a bit of financial problems in its race against Intel to grab more market share. Although AMD has done well, and I respect them for what they have accomplished considering the sheer difference in size between the top two chip makers, they need to be put out of their misery by a company that can either take AMD out of the Intel vs. AMD race or have enough capital to give it a significant boost.

To put another dent into AMD's lackluster performance (financial and otherwise), the ATI acquisition isn't working out too well either. ATI is behind NVIDIA in its race against to take on the graphics market. What can I say? Things just aren't looking rosy for AMD at this point, hence my recommendation for the acquisition.

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