MPAA Working Up A Real Sweat

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| May 2, 2007 at 6:55 am CDT

The MPAA have been frantically pushing to remove a bunch of stories off their website in an attempt to supress information about (and including) a now widely exposed HD-DVD encryption key which was in fact first discovered several months ago anyway.

Good luck to them, HAH!! - More info at The Inq.

In the case of Digg, the entire front page comprised only stories that in one way or another were related to the hex number. You can also find HD-DVD song lyrics, coffee mugs, and shirts.

Google reports that there are 283,000 pages containing the number with hyphens, and just under 10,000 without hyphens. There's a song. Several domain names including variations of the number have been reserved.

That looks like a lot of take-down notices that the MPAA is going to have to issue.

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