TTGamer - Theatre of War PC Review

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| Apr 27, 2007 at 9:00 pm CDT

The reviews are really pumpin' out over at our TTGamer sister site now. This time Nathan checks out Theatre of War for the PC, a real time strategy game with realism being the main focus. Probably a little TOO indepth for fans of the typical RTS genre but it's worth a look all the same!

World War II and RTS gaming - they go together like, well, the most popular war era in the world and (amongst developers at least) the most popular war game genre in the world. PC gaming could be by all intents and purposes dead, and there would still be developers scattered around the globe producing WWII RTS's. One of those developers would probably be 1C Company, and together with, they have created what could be the finest WWII RTS ever made in Theatre of War, although it is definitely not an RTS for everyone.

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