Corsair introduces the Flash Survivor series

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| Apr 25, 2007 at 9:39 pm CDT

Corsair have unveiled a new family of ultra-durable USB flash drives today. Dubbed the Flash Survivor series these are designed to be very robust and will supposedly survive many forms of abuse no other flash drives would stand up to.

Heres a listing of what Corsair have done to make sure these usb drives are damn near indestructable :-

- 200 Meter Pressure Test - ISO 6425, Method 7.3.7
- Resistance to Salt Water - ISO 6425, Method 7.3.3
- Reliability Under Water - ISO 6425, Method 7.3.4
- Thermal Shock
- Washing Machine - One complete cycle
- Dryer - One complete cycle
- Forklift - 8,000 lb forklift

These tough lil' buggers are available in 4 and 8GB storage capacities. Head over to TechConnect for further info.

Dominator DDR memory manufacturer Corsair has just launched a new series of ultra-durable USB flash drives, nicknamed Survivor. Building on the massive success of the Flash Voyager line-up, the new (limited availability) Flash Survivor is an extremely durable, water resistant, drop-tested flash USB memory drive. By design it is perfect for transporting valuable data such as personal files, photos and applications without having to worry about damage or loss of data due to the elements. And by elements Corsair means anything from deep water (hence extreme pressure) and thermal shock to washing machines to forklifts.

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