DirectX10 On The Cheap With The 'Alky Project'

DirectX10 On The Cheap With The 'Alky Project' news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Apr 23, 2007 at 7:53 pm CDT

Those of you a little annoyed that to be able to play DirectX10-exclusive game titles requires you fork out big $$$ (on a new DX10 based graphics card and an upgrade to Windows Vista), you'll be ever so greatful to know that it may well not be necessary thanks to the 'Alky Project' (that is if its not a hoax!).

Techpowerup have the scoop here, and the source of the project can be found over at Blogspot.

We all know that DirectX10, for many of us, means an expensive upgrade and the move to a new operating system. We also know that DirectX10 is going to be necessary to play DX10 games such as Crysis and Halo 2 for the PC. What if I told you that a project sought to change that? That you could run DirectX10-exclusive games such as Halo 2 for PC on a DirectX9 platform with Windows 2000? Thanks to the Alky Project, we may not have to spend a penny to enjoy DirectX10 goodness. A quote from their official blog (I know, it's not an official web-page, but they do link to working models) tells us exactly how we can make DirectX10 work without spending at least $270 on a DirectX10 upgrade ($170 NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT, $100 Windows Vista Home Basic).

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