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| Apr 19, 2007 at 7:15 pm CDT

Simon over at our TTGamer sister site has just finished reviewing Gran Turismo HD for the PS3. This is actually a freely downloadable game that gives PS3 owners a taste of whats to come given that the next fully blown version of the GT series isnt going to be ready for some time yet.

When the PS3 was announced, Gran Turismo 5 was also announced to the surprise of no one. Gran Turismo is still seen as the premiere racing game despite getting a heavy challenge from Forza Motorsport last generation on the competing console. Sony then announced a 2008 date for the game and the PS3 was left without a flagship racer for a long time after launch, until GT HD came along anyway. Sony is hoping this is enough to keep GT fans happy for a while and while it does have its problems, the price is right as it's free.

GT HD is supposed to be a taste test of what is to come from GT on PS3 and it successfully does this but it's not going to last you more than a few hours. On offer is one track and ten cars with only one car available initially, where as more become unlocked as you beat the various track records with each car. Generally, even without the driving aids on, you will unlock most cars within one lap of the circuit and then it just becomes a piece of software to show your PS3 off to mates.

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