Pro gamer 'Karma' struck by LIGHTNING through her PS4 controller

I wonder if this means she now has superpowers? SHAZAM might need to make a visit.

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I don't think this has ever happened, and seems to be the first time it might have happened -- a pro Rocket League player was shocked by lightning through her PS4 controller.

Rocket League streamer Karma was streaming commentary for a 1v1 Salt Mine II tournament -- but not playing the game, and was shocked through her PlayStation 4 controller and the lightning bolt didn't even hit her house. The lightning struck her neighbor's house, but transferred through to her house and into her controller.

Karma said it "somehow hit me -- the controller sparked" with "really big sparks". Scary! She said that her hands were sore for two afterwards, but with any event like this there are also mental scars from it, too.

She told TMZ Sports: "I definitely had PTSD about it the day after -- just loud noises scared me. There was still thunderstorms the next day so I didn't want to touch the game just 'cause it freaked me out.

Karma went and got checked by a doctor who confirmed her hands were burned, while Karma said her controller is "broken" -- obviously.

Maybe Karma should attempt saying "Shazam"...

Pro gamer 'Karma' struck by LIGHTNING through her PS4 controller 06

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