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| Apr 17, 2007 at 6:28 am CDT

Nathan over at our TTGamer sister site has just finished an article which delves into the world of gaming on PCs these days and how the PC gaming platform has arguably fallen behind mainstream gaming standards, he also looks into what can be done to at least bring it back up to to par.

A very well written and interesting read!

Since its inception decades ago, the video gaming industry has become a force to be reckoned with that is growing stronger and bigger every day. It has developed from its humble beginnings to a legitimate multi billion dollar world wide industry, forcing itself into the company of entertainment mediums such as film and television for mainstream appeal and success despite the reluctance from some corners of the private sector, media and government. Hell, we've reached the stage now where some B-/C+ grade movies are starting to base themselves on videogames on a semi regular basis and not just the other way around. However, if you scratch beneath the surface of this industry and its success at least in its more recent years, two distinct stories can be and are being told - the story of the PC gaming industry, and the story of the console gaming industry. Collectively, they tell a story of constant evolution and adapting, but individually, they tell it in two very different ways.

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