CPU Cores Exposed with Macro Lens (Intel & AMD together on-die!)

CPU Cores Exposed with Macro Lens (Intel & AMD together on-die!) news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Apr 16, 2007 at 6:28 pm CDT

These are pretty awesome to look at. A master photographer in Belgium has used some pretty damn serious camera equipment to take a bunch of super macro pictures of 25 oldschool CPUs (such as the 386, 486, AMD K6 and Pentium Pro chips).

I first discovered the link to his kickarse collection of photos over at PCStats, but you can otherwise head straight over to PCBase for the full album.

Specializing in high speed photographic, macro-high speed photography, and DIY macro rigs, this collection of images by master photographer "fotoopa" from Belgium must be seen to be believed. For us though, these super macro pictures of 25 old CPUs are where its at. This must be one of the most complete records of the race to build the fastest CPU that burned brightest with the release of the 386 processor. All your first computers are here, the 486, the AMD K6, Wintel, IBM, the Pentium and our personal fav... the Pentium Pro. You've got to respect a CPU that weighs almost half a pound itself! Here are a few highlights to browse over, but be sure to look through the full catalog of CPU thumbnails.

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