A-DATA Release RB19 USB Flash Drives

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| Apr 11, 2007 at 6:21 pm CDT

Memory maker A-DATA have just unveiled a new family of flash drives designed in the shape of a surf board. These are water, dust and shock resistant as well as being Windows Vista ReadyBoost certified.

More info on 'em here peeps.

If you love sports and the outdoor activities, you'll love this A-DATA RB19 USB Flash drive that has been designed for adventurous people. It is water, dust and shock resistant that keeps your data from being damaged. Even though the RB19 is built to cope with special treatment, it is a small USB 2.0 flash drive that has all the features you expect to find in a normal one, such as LED indication or hot plug and play. Besides those basic features, the RB19 takes advantage of Windows® Vista™. With the outstanding read/ write speed, it can work with Windows® Vista™ ReadyBoost™ to boost system performance.

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