Intel Penryn and Nehalem Details Emerge

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| Mar 28, 2007 at 7:06 pm CDT

Intel have released heaps of details on their upcoming Penryn and Nehalem cores during a 1 hr briefing earlier today, and quite a number of sites have collated the information with dedicated articles to fill us in on whats in store with these next-gen chips.

Penryn will continue the Core2Duo lineup using a 45nm process (along with the inclusion of SSE4 instructions and several other performance enhancements), and the Nehalem core is claimed to be based around an entirely new platform architecture as it will feature built-in memory controllers and even graphics cores!

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Hot Hardware:-

Intel held a briefing today to further disclose and discuss details regarding their upcoming 45nm High-K Penryn and Nehalem processor cores. Roughly two years ago, Intel talked about their proposed "tick-tock" product strategy which entailed the shift to a new process technology followed by an enhanced or entirely new microarchitecture approximately every year.

Today we have more details regarding 2007's "tick", the Penryn core, and next year's "tock", the Nehalem core, which also ushers in significant changes to Intel's platform architecture as a whole.

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