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This treatment reduces death rate in coronavirus patients by half

A new study has indicated that this treatment can reduce the death rate in coronavirus patients significantly.

Published Fri, May 15 2020 5:32 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 11:43 AM CST

Plasma treatment has been around for quite some time, more than 100 years, in fact. Now, doctors are using it on coronavirus patients, and the results are extremely promising.

This treatment reduces death rate in coronavirus patients by half 27 | TweakTown.com

According to a new study that has come out of Italy, and has been published in La Republica and II Giorno, doctors and researchers were able to reduce the mortality rate of several coronavirus patients after successfully giving them a plasma transfusion. Basically, a plasma transfusion is when doctors will take the antibodies from successfully recovered COVID-19 patients and give them to currently infected COVID-19 patients.

The study looked at 46 patients, and here were the characteristics of the patients: All had different levels of COVID-19 infection severity, all of the patients were over 18 years of age, all required oxygen therapy, seven people were intubated, and all had bilateral pneumonia. San Matteo di Pavia virology director Fausto Baldanti told La Republica the results, "Initially, mortality in ICU patients was between 13 and 20%, about 15% on average. From one expected death for every six patients, we moved to an expected death for every 16 patients."

Researchers were also able to observe a dramatic increase in patients that had pneumonia and COVID-19. The only problem with this method of treatment is that it isn't scaleable at large, as there is an extremely limited supply of blood samples from cured coronavirus patients. So, if you have successfully overcome a COVID-19 infection, please consider donating your blood to your local hospital as it could be used to save several people's lives.


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