AC Ryan AluBoxTFX ToolFree Xperience ft. XSHOCK

AC Ryan AluBoxTFX ToolFree Xperience ft. XSHOCK news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Mar 27, 2007 at 6:26 pm CDT

Theres a vast assortment of external 3.5" hdd caddys on the market these days, but A.C. Ryan have managed to dish up yet another with a difference, this being their AluBoxFTX - ToolFree Xperience featuring "XSHOCK" protection.

Full details within their announcement here, or over at the product page on their website folks.

Presenting a new class of AluBox - the AluBoxTFX : ToolFree Xperience ft. XSHOCK shock absorbers. The TFX class takes you up a notch - pampering you with a no-fuss, no-problems true toolfree installation, and pampering your harddisk with XSHOCK shock absorbers.

TFX ToolFree Xperience - install your harddisk in 4 easy steps. Within minutes, your new external hardidsk is up and running. Need to change the harddisk? No sweat - same 4 easy steps. Why make life difficult, simplify with the AluBoxTFX ToolFree Xperience.

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