CeBIT 2007 - Samsung debuts Q1 Ultra UMPC

CeBIT 2007 - Samsung debuts Q1 Ultra UMPC news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Mar 16, 2007 at 2:57 am CDT

Details have surfaced of a second generation mobile PC from Samsung dubbed the Q1 Ultra, based on the Santa Rose platform from Intel.

This new mobile beast boasts features'a'PLENTY. It comes with a 7 inch WSVGA display and also Microsoft Vista Home Premium edition pre-installed (and yes, it'll do aeroglass too!). Thanks to the wraps being taken off it at CeBIT today, theres a number of sites with piccies and info as per the below linkies :-

- Fudzilla
- DailyTech
- Tech Report
- TGDaily


Hannover (Germany) - Following Microsoft's Origami campaign last year, we expected a world-changing mobile PC - and were disappointed by a product that was too large, too slow, too expensive and lacked important wireless features. Samsung has redesigned its Q1 for 2007 - and believes that the Q1 Ultra will fill the Q1's gaps. But we still have the impression that UMPCs remain half-baked products.

But let's talk about the improvements first. According to Samsung, buyers of the first generation UMPC liked the device's design, the screen size, the touch screen and its full PC functionality. However, on the other side, customers criticized the device's size, lack of connectivity, not enough battery life and the absence of a real keyboard.

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