This video shows exactly how the coronavirus COVID-19 kills you

Doctors have released a video showing you how coronavirus COVID-19 kills you.

Published Mon, Mar 30 2020 2:11 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 11:44 AM CST

At the time of writing this, there are currently 722,435 confirmed cases of the coronavirus COVID-19 and over 30,000 deaths. The virus is clearly spreading like wildfire, which means it's essential to know exactly how it kills people, and more importantly how to prevent it.

The above video has been released by George Washington University Hospital and gives us an extremely detailed look at just how the coronavirus can kill a victim once the person has contracted it. The video imagery is the same as what doctors use in cancer patients to plan surgeries, but in this case, it has been curated specifically for detecting COVID-19. The areas of damage or infection are marked as yellow. These parts of the lungs are inflamed and wouldn't show up in a person who is healthy.

One of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is shortness of breath, and we can see that due to the virus taking over most of the lung capacity, why that would be. Chief of Thoracic Surgery Dr. Keith Mortman, spoke to CNN in an interview and said that the person's lungs seen in the video are not of an elderly person who has had previous health complications, but instead its actually of someone who has had no previous health complications other than high blood pressure.

Mortman's statement: "This is not a 70, 80-year-old immunosuppressed, diabetic patient. Other than high blood pressure, he has no other significant medical issues. This is a guy who's minding his own business and gets it ... If we were to repeat the 360VR images now, that is one week later, there is a chance that the infection and inflammatory process could be worse."

"For these patients who essentially present in progressive respiratory failure, the damage to the lungs is rapid and widespread (as evidenced in the VR video). Unfortunately, once damaged to this degree, the lungs can take a long time to heal. For approximately 2-4% (depending on which numbers you believe) of patients with COVID-19, the damage is irreversible, and they will succumb to the disease."

"A lot of us, we are walking in the dark with this. So we want to understand it as best we can. This was our first patient, but I am sure he is the first of what will likely become many in the coming weeks."

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