R600 prototype snapshots

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| Mar 4, 2007 at 6:21 pm CST

David Berlind of ZDNet attended an AMD press conference a few days ago which also gave him the opportunity to take a bunch of snapshots of a prototype ATI R600 graphics card from different angles.

You can get to the array of images on ZDNet's website, and bit-tech go into a bit more detail about the card in relation to these images as well.

ZDNet's David Berlind has managed to snap a good selection of pictures of a prototype version of the eagerly-anticipated ATI R600 graphics card at an event in San Francisco.

Berlind said that AMD gave him permission to post the pictures under the condition that he referred to the card as an R600 prototype. The card looks very similar to the shots that were posted in our forums a few weeks ago.

The next-generation R600 chip supports native CrossFire, just like the RV570-based Radeon X1950 Pro, and a pair of R600 stream processors are capable of delivering over one Teraflop of compute power using a general multiply-add (MADD) calculation.

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