Scythe Intro FDD & Card Reader Combo "YD-8V08"

Scythe Intro FDD & Card Reader Combo "YD-8V08" news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages.

| Feb 27, 2007 at 4:12 pm CST

Though they're pretty much entirely phased out now (and for good reason), i'm sure some of you have still come across situations where being able to boot from a floppy to resolve a BIOS issue or something of the kind would've made things a lot easier. Scythe know that from time to time they can still be handy to have around, and as such have just released their new FDD & 18-in-1 Card Reader combo which fits snuggly into one of your spare 3.5inch drive bays, providing extra functionalities to make it a worthwhile device to have.

Get the full rundown on it via the press material here, and also at the product page on Scythe's website.

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the Floppy Drive & 18-in-1 Card Reader combo in 3.5inch bay drive! This product is being released with the cooperation among Scythe & YE-Data Japan who is the pioneer of floppy drive manufacturer. Do you think a Floppy Drive is obsolete? You would need it for emergency purposes and this product would be a "good-to-keep" device for your PC! Have you ever run into the situation when you need a Floppy Drive, but you don't have it in your PC? If so, this product would be a good solution!

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